520Hz Alarm
Suitable for Fire Alarms etc
Characteristic Min Typical Max Notes
Type Magnetic
Excitation External Driven Tone: Continuous as per speaker operation
Sound Pressure Level dB at 30cm 95 75dB(A) / 300cm / 520Hz / 5.66 Vpp square wave
Frequency kHz 0.4 0.52 4 In range of -10dB at 2.83 V
Voltage V 5.66 Vpp square wave
Available Input Impedance Ω 4 ±15%
Temperature ºC -20 85 Storage temp: -30 °C ~ +85°C
Width mm 50 50
Height mm 14.6
Mounting Chassis Mount
Termination lead wire
Characteristic Response: 

Dimension Drawing: 

FFT of output with 520Hz input