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Compliant with IEC60601-1-8 for medical purposes.
Emits a loud alarm at 520Hz and is well suited for residential and hotel complexes. The 520Hz frequency is mandated for areas such as senior living and will soon see wide-spread acceptance across the fire and smoke alarm industry.
9 mm X 9 mm X 1.9 mm piezo transducer, 3 Vp-p, 65dB at 10 cm. Surface mount, reflow capable, ultra compact form factor for use in portable electronic devices like glucose meters, testing meters, digital cameras, etc.
The RWM-11R5 is perfect for headsets requiring high fidelity in a small size of only 11mm x 5 mm footprint. Light-weight and versatile, this receiver has a sound pressure level of 105dB, which allows it to be used in noisy environments.

BIPX powerbank offers you the convenience of recharging your phone from anywhere.

Piezo Transducer, externally driven, 75dB at 30cm, drop in replacement to Kyocera KBS-27DB-3T
A piezo beeper or indicator of small size and low current requirements, ideal for consumer products and battery operated applications.
With a wide bandwidth and full sound, the SMW-49R is perfect for applications that need crisp voice and clear music. It is also water-proof and has 93dB at 30cm, enabling your message to be heard in noisy outdoor environments.
The EFM-290 is an externally driven transducer that can easily and simply be added to any circuit with only a few extra components. Extremely efficient, products depending on a finite power source will last longer and more reliably with the EFM-290.
The W-05 has a sound pressure level of 100dB at 50cm. This power will make it easy to distinguish objects and moving targets across a wide field of view. It is light-weight and constructed of endurable materials. The W-05 is not easily matched in terms of performance and price and it the chosen ultrasound transmitter of discerning equipment manufacturers.
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Because East Electronics (formerly MynTahl) is a manufacturer of audio components, specifications are tailored to your exact requirements.

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East Electronics' (formerly MynTahl's) acoustic components are found in a diverse range of products from European luxury cars to fire alarms and medical diagnostic equipment.

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East Electronic (formerly Myntahl) components are ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 auto certified. A strict quality assurance is East Electronic's guarantee.