Compliant IEC60601-1-8 for medical alarm
Small Size
Robust Construction
RoHS Compliant
Any pulse rate and inter-burst interval
Characteristic Minimum Rated Maximum Notes
Type of Magnet NdFeB
Type of Frame Plastic
Type of Diaphragm Mylar
Type Magnetic
Sound Pressure Level dB at 30cm 78.5 Measured at 88±3dB 0.1M / 1 W (1500,2000,2500,3000Hz Average ) and 1.4V
Power W 0.25 0.5 Rated power operating continuously for 100 hours at 1.4V. Max power signal on for 1 min & 2 min off, cycling for 10 times and at 2V
Frequency kHz 0.95 Rated frequency ± 20%. The input frequency is 325Hz.
Available Input Impedance Ω 8 Rated Impedance ± 15%
Temperature ºC -20 60
Width mm 23
Height mm 13
Weight g 5
Mounting Through Hole
Termination pin
Characteristic Response: 

Dimension Drawing: 

Frequency Response