Small 1 Watt Speaker
Very low profile: 8.6mm
Characteristic Minimum Rated Maximum Notes
Type of Magnet NdFeB
Type of Frame Metal
Type Magnetic
Sound Pressure Level dB at 30cm 77.5 Measured 87±3dB at 10cm at 1000Hz.
Power W 1 1.2 Must be normal at 1.2W white noise for 1 minute.
Frequency kHz 0.2 0.32 10 ±20%. Operational test: without irregularity in sound or volume, at2.83V sine wave from 200Hz to 5kHz.
Available Input Impedance Ω 8 ±15%
Temperature ºC -25 60 Operation Temperature. Storage Temp is -30C to 70C.
Width mm 50 50
Height mm 8.6
Weight g 13
Mounting Custom
Termination lead wire
Characteristic Response: 

Dimension Drawing: 

Block Diagram of Measurement Method. Test Microphone: B&K4191. Amplifier: B&K2716C. Analyzer:B&K3560C